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Zombie campaigns: It’s time to kill them dead for good | Commentary

A scandal involving sexual texts to teenage pages forced Mark Foley out of Congress. More than a decade later, he’s still spending campaign money. And he’s not alone.

Democrats invade Florida, eyeing Joe Biden, a ‘war tax’ and more | Commentary

In Florida, Beto O’Rourke unveils his ‘war tax’ plan as he and other Democrats look to stand out before the presidential debates

Rosen Resorts: We won’t fund Florida’s anti-gay schools | Commentary

Florida’s voucher-school program allows LGBT discrimination. Some of the companies that help fund the program had no idea - and don’t like it.

Disney jacks up prices. You won’t go? That’s OK with Mickey | Commentary

A family of four can buy a used car for what annual tickets to Disney theme parks cost. But people keep on paying, which is why Disney keeps raising its prices.

Trump rails against Clinton. Dems act confident. It’s déjà vu ... but things will change. | Commentary

Polls show Joe Biden as a favorite. But guess what? Marco Rubio was a favorite once, too. And Rubio now kisses the ring of the man he used to call a “con man.”

National debt is $22 trillion and counting, and neither party cares | Commentary

Congress will soon vote to raise the debt ceiling again for Trump. The same way they did for Obama. (And Bush. And Clinton. And Bush. And Reagan. And Carter. And Ford. And ...)

Florida governor, legislators back state funding for private, anti-LGBT schools | Commentary

Saying “I am gay” can get you expelled from schools that Florida taxpayers fund. The governor and legislators are OK with that.

Trump is coming to Orlando. Please try not to lose your mind. | Commentary

Donald Trump is kickiing off his re-election campaign at Orlando’s Amway Center Tuesday ... and Trump Derangement Syndrome is already affecting much of Central Florida.

Hacked elections? Florida must do more to prevent threats (from abroad and within) | Commentary

Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida needs to study elections security. He’s right. But the review has to be the real deal, with real technology experts.

Florida asked parents, teachers, experts if schools need new standards. Almost everyone said no. Florida is doing it anyway. | Commentary

Re-do Common Core again? DeSantis and Corcoran are planning to redo school standards again - even after parents, teachers and experts told them not to.

Shocking! Guests ‘zapped’ at Universal’s Volcano Bay, and park wouldn’t give details | Commentary

Universal Orlando’s refusal to tell the public what happened after its Volcano Bay water park guests were hospitalized was a bad PR move, making a weird story worse.

Proposals, jokes about killing gay people? Don’t act surprised. | Commentary

A few months ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis endorsed a private school that forbids homosexuality. He said Florida needed more schools like it. Why should anyone be surprised about anti-gay sentiments in this state?

Fire tornadoes??? Florida’s hurricane-season just got hotter and scarier. | Commentary

Summer in Central Florida is torture - actually, "sweltering,” “sultry,” “busy” “torture,” according to the meteorologists at WFTV, WKMG, WESH and WOFL.

Lobbyists trek to Israel with DeSantis and to the Bahamas with Democrats. Both stink. | Commentary

Anyone who pays $25,000 to travel with politicians wants something from those politicians. And Florida pols put themselves up for sale all ... the ... time.

Who wants an Alabama-style abortion ban in Florida? How much is rent in Parramore? Test your knowledge | Commentary

Abortion, rising rent in Orlando, CEO pay ... a lot of big news broke this past holiday weekend. Were you paying attention?

Florida’s ‘failing’ pre-K has Gov. DeSantis worked up. Good. It’s about time. | Commentary

Florida spends $2,437 on every preschooler and $19,000 on every prison inmate. That’s a formula for failure.

It’s a start! After major cuts, Florida restores some arts, culture funding | Commentary

Last year, Florida legislators demolished arts and cultural funding. This year, they restored a lot of it ... but not all.

Strip-club bills, campaign cash: Indictments paint nasty pictures of Florida court clerks | Commentary

The feds indicted a debt collector who they say tried to bribe Florida clerks of court. OK, but why aren't any of the clerks charged? This thing looks ugly all the way around.

After grandma’s arrested, jailed at Disney for carrying CBD oil, I look for answers about Florida’s medical marijuana laws | Commentary

CBD oil is legal in America, but not Florida, if that makes sense ... which it doesn’t. Just ask the grandma who was arrested at Disney and thrown in jail

Attempted coup, scheming at Orlando airport raise bright red flag | Commentary

Sen. Dennis Baxley of Ocala tried to kick Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer off his own airport board.That seems sketchy ... especially with billions of dollars at stake, columnist Scott Maxwell says.

With straw-ban veto, DeSantis smacks around Florida legislators, stands up for local control. Good. | Commentary

Florida legislators have been obsessed with plastic straws. But Gov. Ron DeSantis used a veto to teach them a lesson about local control.

6 a.m. bus rides. 7:20 bells. Florida high schools operate in the dark ages | Commentary

After more than 4 years of talk, Orange County may finally change the start times for high schools. Good. Because right now, buses start picking up kids around 6 a.m. to make 7:20 bells. And that's just nuts.

Wrongfully imprisoned? Florida should pay up | Commentary

Clemente Javier Aguirre spent more than a decade behind bars for a murder someone else confessed to, The rules say he is entitled to $50,000 a year for his time. But the state is fighting it. That's wrong.

The Legislature’s done ... so what the hell happened? | Commentary

Visit Florida, public schools, pre-K, immigration. Whaddya say we try to figure out what the Florida Legislature actually did this session?

Florida dumps another $130 million into wild west of unregulated, unaccountable voucher schools| Commentary

Another $130 million for Florida's unregulated voucher schools. One legislator suggests parents just try to avoid the 'failing' ones

Florida's new texting-while driving law: You have Q's. I have A's | Commentary

Florida has a next texting-while-driving law. Let's answer your questions. (And yes, you can still text at stoplights.)

Readers have hot takes! On Ron DeSantis, flawed justice, my creepy smile | Commentary

Readers have hot takes! On Ron DeSantis, flawed justice, my creepy smile

Florida Virtual School CEO says she’s a knighted ‘genius.’ Um … what? | Commentary

Florida Virtual School CEO says she’s a knighted ‘genius.’ Um ... what? More questions at the state's online school

Visit Florida wants more tax dollars - and is lobbying hard to get it | Commentary

They want their $76 million! Tourism lobbyists are rallying to save keep the taxpayer subsidies for Visit Florida

From 'Big Pig' to big bunny: Bubbalou’s BBQ founder has helped 300,000 sick kids at Easter | Commentary

300,000 bunnies! The founder of Bubbalou's barbecue started a tradition of visiting kids in the hospital on Easter. Now his nonprofit does so in 90 hospitals in 30 states