Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla.
Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla. (Handout)

Rick Scott: Column’s mockery ignored Florida’s greatness

I find it interesting that a Florida paper would choose to publish a guest columnist mocking his own state just to make a political point (“Welcome to the Sunshine State, Mr. President. You’ll fit right in,” by Bob Morris, Nov. 3). The partisanship has driven everyone crazy. But I refuse to let our extreme, negative and partisan culture interfere with the truth.

The truth is, Florida is the best state in the nation — to live, to work, and to raise a family. It’s ridiculous that someone would try to diminish the fact that our state has low taxes, as if that wouldn’t be motivation for a family to move here. Anyone who would argue otherwise has clearly never had to struggle to support a family.


Florida has low crime, great schools, and a welcoming business climate. Over my eight years as governor, we cut taxes nearly 100 times, reduced 5,400 burdensome regulations and Florida business created nearly 1.7 million new jobs. Now as U.S. senator, I’m working to share Florida’s success with the nation so more families can have the opportunity to succeed.

People choose to leave the high-tax, over-regulated states behind because pursuing the American dream is just a little easier in the Sunshine State.

I’m glad the president is choosing to make Florida home, just like I’m glad every time a family or business chooses Florida. So let’s stop making everything about politics and just take a minute to appreciate what a great state Florida truly is.

The weather’s not bad either.

Rick Scott Naples

The author represents Florida in the U.S. Senate and was governor of Florida from 2011 to 2019.

Orlando should be ashamed of voter turnout

Regarding Tuesday’s mayoral election, the first sentence in Wednesday’s article states “Buddy Dyer steamrolled to victory,” claiming an overwhelming majority of the votes (“Dyer reelected to fifth term," Nov. 6). While true, the abysmal turnout was shameful. Really Orlando, only a little over 21,000 citizens took the time to vote? National elections make for great headlines, yet it is our local leaders who have the ability to raise our sales tax!

Gail Peck Orlando

Seaplane museum would draw Tavares tourists

A performing arts center in Tavares was voted down decisively on Tuesday (“Tavares performing arts center defeated,” Nov. 6). As someone who has been to the Tavares Seaplane Base a few times and enjoyed the experiences offered by this growing tourist destination, including an exciting float-plane ride, I have a suggestion perhaps more pertinent and economical in place of the defeated performing arts center: A well-done float-plane museum with examples of seaplanes hanging from the ceiling, lively stories of seaplane pioneers. seaplane controls that could be operated by children, and a gift shop would be a great draw for families.

My compliments to the far-sighted leaders in Tavares who have transformed this sleepy town into a unique tourist destination.

James Williamson Winter Park

Shenanigans in Spicer ‘Dancing’ vote, too?

Sean Spicer is still on “Dancing with the Stars,” which can only mean that Russia must be meddling in our voting process again. Time for another congressional investigation.

Janet Smith Windermere