DeLand resident Heather Sierstorpff exits the Lymmo's Lime Line at the Washington & Hughey stop in downtown Orlando.
DeLand resident Heather Sierstorpff exits the Lymmo's Lime Line at the Washington & Hughey stop in downtown Orlando. (Jacob Langston / Orlando Sentinel)

Public transportation drops the ball

I just finished reading Sunday’s article on how Orlando is preparing for the Trump rally on Tuesday and was extremely disappointed in SunRail, Lynx and Lymmo. Over 75,000 requests for tickets have been made, according to the campaign, and it’s conceivable another 25,000 could venture downtown just to see what’s going on. That’s potentially an extra 100,000 people traveling into Orlando and back home on one day. Who are the geniuses at Lynx and Lymmo who looked at a potential 100,000 extra riders on one day and said “Whoa, we better just run our regular schedule”? At least SunRail is running three extra trains outbound after 10 p.m. Three trains are a drop in the bucket.

In my opinion, all three missed a great public-relations opportunity. All three constantly complain they need more money. Here was your chance to show us you know how to move people, how to be creative and think outside the box, how to be efficient. Lynx and Lymmo should have put every bus in their possession on the road and announced they were running them as late into the night as needed. How about running express buses from Seminole Town Center, Altamonte Mall and other malls every hour on the hour to downtown and then back after 10 p.m.? SunRail should have announced they were running trains all day long and would continue to run them as late into the night as needed. This has nothing to do with politics. This was your opportunity to show Orlando you know how to move people and deserve increased funding to grow! You could have ridden a great success story for the next year. Sorry guys, you blew it big time.


James Tischler Sanford

Driverless trucks are a mistake

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill authorizing driverless cars and trucks on Florida highways last week. Oh boy, driverless trucks. DeSantis’s slip-seating a robot into the driver’s seat, I predict, is going to be a serious mistake. Sure, you can get a truck to go down the road by itself, but that’s the very least technical skill truck drivers have to deal with.

From my own real-life, hands-on experience — I was both driver and dispatcher for J.B, Hunt Transport — I will tell you there are so many critical decisions that have to be made from the moment the truck is backed into a loading dock, loaded, the weight checked at a nearby scale house, and then getting the load to a destination halfway across the country, that thinking a nerd on a computer is going to do it all is just plain stupidity.

Do we really want to take the human element out of the equation? If so, then some inexperienced jerk is going to drive it the first and last mile, probably going to be paid more than a real trucker, and has never driven a truck in their life, never even changed a tire.

This, my friends is not progress, its greed. It will end — what goes around comes around — in disaster. I say let the real drivers drive fewer hours legally, pay them more money and make the profession more respectable.

Maurice McCoy Bokeelia

The right to protest

I would like to thank Francisco Gonzalez of the National Review Institute (“Looking Ahead This Week,” Central Florida 100, June 16) for the enlightening observation that “protesting is a waste of time” for those who are not fans of President Trump. And all this time I thought protesting was an important part of the democratic process. I suppose protesting the utter ignorance and condescension behind such a view would likewise be a waste of my time.

Joe Finger Orlando

Your tax dollars at work

A major argument against government funding of women's health care, specifically contraception and abortion, is that their taxes shouldn't fund something to which they are morally opposed.

Well, I am morally opposed to funding private religious schools that teach their particular faith instead of science. My taxes should not be used to teach disrespect and hatred of the LGBT community.

Can we hear an “amen” for the separation of church and state?

Fannie Griffin Longwood