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Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Scott Maxwell for calling out airport ‘coup’ | Letters

One letter-writer thanks Scott Maxwell for calling out officials who could have been trying to hide a change in attorneys at Orlando International Airport.

Dorian should shed light on climate change | Letters

Climate change can be easy to ignore — until a storm like Hurricane Dorian brings the issue to our doorstep, one letter-writer said.

Dorian preparation prompts unity with our neighbors | Letters

In the face of what could have been impending disaster, we seemed to forget our differences a little bit more, one letter-writer says.

Help protect our endangered species | Letters

One letter-writer said recent attempts to gut the Endangered Species Act should be fought vigorously.

Dockery is right — we should prioritize teachers | Letters

One letter-writer, a retired teacher, says she's tired of school prioritizing technology over educators.

Comic Davidson, UCF audience both at fault | Letters

SNL's Pete Davidson was wrong to berate a crowd who paid for his show at UCF, but some in the crowd were also wrong for recording his show, a letter-writer says.

Scott’s grant was corporate welfare | Letters

A $16 million grant which largely benefited Universal is the latest example of rampant spending, one letter-writer says.

Alligator hunters have no respect for nature | Letters

A volley of gunshots along Lake Harris remind one letter-writer that alligator hunters are disturbing nature — and the peace.

Two eyesores: I-4 Ultimate, Majesty Building | Letters

The two unfinished construction projects deface the landscape of the area, one letter-writer says.

Are some people too stupid to vote? | Letters

One letter-writer says people with basic knowledge of government should have more weight in elections.

Annual alligator hunt is cruel and unnecessary | Letters

The animal that serves as schools' mascots and is on our quarters shouldn't be hunted, one letter-writer says.

Health-care rights debate has simple solution | Letters

A columnist's conservative view of whether health care is a right obscures the fact that we already have a good system in place, a letter-writer says.

Resort fees: Bait and switch or false advertising? | Letters

A letter-writer agrees with an editorial bemoaning resort fees and says it will help him on his next resort stay.

Don’t like gun laws? Show it at the polls | Letters

If, as recent polls have shown, a majority of Floridians want an assault-weapon ban, they need to show it at the ballot box, one letter-writer says.

A guest columnist proves the point about the importance of learning English | Letters

Letter writers express their thoughts on learning English, a Confederate statue and Ken Cuccinelli.

Former TV critic: WESH sportscaster Pat Clarke had a gift in front of the camera | Letters

Former TV critic Greg Dawson praises sportscaster Pat Clarke, which WESH just unloaded.

There’s a difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons | Letters

Letter writers on differences in guns, free college and winning too much

Find long-term solution for Florida’s Dreamers | Letters

Immigrants seeking residency status after entering the country as minors deserve a long-term solution, one letter-writer says.

Sentinel should have avoided 'grandma’ label | Letters

Many grandparents and septuagenarians, who remain vibrant and active, would take offense to being pigeonholed with a simple "grandma" label, one letter-writer said.

Setting the record straight on Gurney’s legacy | Letters

A former staffer to Sen. Ed Gurney, responding to a recent editorial, says Gurney's legacy is about much more than Watergate.

Honoring the teachers who inspire us | Letters

We asked you for stories of your favorite teachers in honor of the first day of school, and you responded.

Trees can’t be sacrificed for solar panels | Letters

JPMorgan Chase's plan to cut down 150 shade trees in Seminole County is harmful to the environment, one letter-writer said.

Don’t let money sway pot-legalization effort | Letters

John Morgan says the marijuana lobby is driven by "deep, deep pockets," but that shouldn't be the case, one letter-writer says.

Senator’s immigration solutions were refreshing | Letters

Sen. David Simmons' column, urging Florida to act on illegal immigration if Congress will not, was clear and logical, according to one letter-writer.

Arts groups wrong to air grievances with Dr. Phillips Center | Letters

A letter-writer says the negotiations between the downtown arts center and the Orlando Philharmonic, Opera Orlando and the Orlando Ballet should have remained private.

While you’re taking guns away, here are other rights that can go | Letters

The letter-writer says ignoring the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution could be a slippery slope.

Lake County statue decision is hurtful | Letters

One letter-writer wonders what message Lake County commissioners were trying to send with the acceptance of a Confederate general's monument.

Arts need to stay vibrant in Orlando | Letters

The recent rift at the Dr. Phillips Center must not hurt the thriving arts scene in the City Beautiful, one letter-writer said.

Editorial from Baltimore was mean-spirited | Letters

The Baltimore Sun slammed Donald Trump for his criticism of Baltimore, but printing it in Orlando was unnecessary, a letter-writer says.

Pulse victim’s mother is right to criticize memorial | Letters

A letter-writer agrees with Christine Leinonen's belief that a Pulse museum isn't needed as much as a place to remember victims of all mass shootings.