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Fact or Fake: Was 1 in every 4 pedestrian accident in Florida last year faked?

Fact or fake: Was 1 in every 4 pedestrian accident in Florida last year staged?

Fact or Fake: Will new Florida highways be like the environmentally friendly Wekiva Parkway?

Fact or fake: Ron DeSantis says three new toll roads approved by the Legislature are similar to the Wekiva Parkway in the way they're being planned. Are they?

Fact or Fake: Is Chuck Schumer to blame for disaster aid delays as Rick Scott contends?

Fact or fake: Is Rick Scott correct in blaming Chuck Schumer for the Senate's failure to pass a disaster bill to help Florida's Panhandle and other regions?

Fact or Fake: Is Ron DeSantis right about access to voucher school graduation rates?

Fact or Fake: Ron DeSantis said that people can look at private school graduation rates as a means of holding them accountable. We rate that statement Fake.

Fact or fake: Bans would mean Florida tourists "can't buy sunscreen"

State Sen. Travis Hutson, sponsor of a bill to stop cities from banning certain types of sunscreen, says those bans would mean tourists "can't buy sunscreen to protect your children..." That's fake.

Fact or fake: Orange County residents don't pay tourist taxes

Orange County's annual report on the convention center said county residents don't have to pay the 6 percent tourist tax on hotel and motel rooms and other lodging. That's fake.

Fact or fake: Hurricane Maria had the highest death toll of the 'modern era'

U.S. Rep. Darren Soto said Hurricane Maria was the worst natural disaster in modern U.S. history. We rate his statement fact.

Fact or fake: Did a Winter Park candidate's Airbnb rentals violate city rules?

Winter Park incumbent Commissioner Pete Weldon said his opponent, Todd Weaver, broke city rules by renting his property on Airbnb for less than a month at a time. We rated that claim Mostly Fact.

Fact or Fake: Florida Speaker Oliva says Miami Beach flooding is caused by sinking land

Speaker of the House Jose Oliva told journalists recently that Miami Beach flooding is caused by sinking land due to development. That's true in a few areas of Miami Beach, but it's a relatively minor and temporary contributor. We rate his statement Mostly Fake.

Fact or Fake: Anthony Sabatini says university warnings about guns were wrong

Fact or Fake? State Rep. Anthony Sabatini told the Orlando Sentinel recently that none of the warnings by university officials about guns on campus have come to pass. Anecdotally, they have. So we rated his statement Mostly Fake.

A new fact-checking feature is coming, and you're invited to help

The Sentinel is launching a new fact-checking feature called Fact or Fake and readers are invited to submit statements they want checked for accuracy.