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Thanks for your bravery, Harris Rosen, now more companies need to say no to private school discrimination | Editorial

Hotelier Harris Rosen led the way by withdrawing his private-school voucher donations, now more companies need to do the same until Florida stops allowing LGBTQ discrimination.

Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration’s primary author and his belief in a free (and freewheeling) press | Editorial

The Fourth of July is a good time to remember Thomas Jefferson and his defense of a free press.

The Supreme Court tries to stay above the political fray | Editorial

The fact they don’t always vote as a partisan bloc is reassurance — and we need it — that the justices aren’t politicians in robes.

With Amendment 4 finally law, a new strategy emerges to help ex-felons get the vote | Editorial

With the Legislature's punitive Amendment 4 law in place, a new effort is being launched to help felons get the right to vote.

Gov. DeSantis crosses line to appoint conservative judge | Editorial

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants more power to pick judges. He’s made no secret of intending them to become instruments of conservative policy. But he crossed the line in pressuring a commission to nominate Tesha Ballou for the 18th Circuit bench in Brevard and Seminole Counties.

First Democratic debates were messy, chaotic and unfulfilling | Editorial

The first Democratic debates in Miami left the editorial board with a lot of questions, including how they plan to deal with growing deficits.

Retiring chief judge Fred Lauten kept the Ninth Circuit relevant and modern | Commentary

Chief Judge Fred Lauten had big shoes to fill after Belvin Perry's tenure, but he brought humanity and transparency to his courthouse.

Deputies’ Facebook posts another stain on Lake County | Editorial

The Plain View Project revealed a dark and bigoted side of some Lake County deputies, and it highlights the need to ensure people who harbor those feelings don't get hired in the first place.

Get a grip on voucher schools or watch the grifters descend on Florida | Editorial

A lack of urgency by Florida leaders to clean up voucher school problems will open the door to education grifters who want make a buck off the state.

No classes? No recess? No lawyers? Federal order would leave migrant children in Homestead worse off than prisoners | Editorial

What’s happening at the Homestead Temporary Shelter for unaccompanied migrant children is cruel, inhumane and illegal. This so-called shelter should be shuttered and the children reunited with family members or placed in community-based programs.

Come on, Seminole, pony up and help residents stay safe from bears | Editorial

Seminole County needs to find the money to help people buy bear-resistant garbage cans that help prevent encounters between bears and people.

Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump | Editorial

For the 2020 election, the Orlando Sentinel will not endorse President Donald Trump for re-election. The president has sown chaos and division, and the nation must do better.

Inconsistent Marsy’s Law interpretations by police jeopardize public knowledge and safety | Editorial

The victim rights amendment known as Marsy's Law is creating havoc as police departments arbitrarily choose to withhold information from the public.

FSU’s athletic department is the latest to go dark on public records | Editorial

Florida's open-government ethos took another blow last week when Florida State's board of trustees voted to make the school' athletic department a direct-support organization, which will shield it from public records laws.

Mike Hill’s homophobia shows us why LGBT Pride Month is important | Editorial

State Rep. Mike Hill's homophobia is Exhibit A for why everyone - gay or straight - should pay attention to LGBT Pride Month.

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer should open her books, then hang up her holster | Editorial

If, as reported, NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer failed to follow the laws governing lobbyists for five years, she must be held accountable. If Tallahassee allows one of its most powerful lobbyists to skate, why should anyone else follow the law?

Orlando’s ban on plastics at city venues sets an example for the private sector and other governments | Editorial

Applause for Orlando's new policy of eliminating many plastics at public venues, but now other governments and the private sector needs to do their part.

Arrest of detestable deputy Scot Peterson looks political and problematic | Editorial

The charges against former Broward Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson are surprising, given that a federal judge recently ruled that BSO had no legal duty to protect the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The charges also look political, and carry the risk of unintended consequences.

Florida Supreme Court poised to let ‘harmless error’ kill 173 death row prisoners | Editorial

The U.S. Supreme Court found Florida’s death sentencing law unconstitutional because judges, not juries, made the decision. Now, the Florida Supreme Court is weighing what happens to death row inmates sentenced before the ruling. Death penalty opponents are bracing for bad news.

Flood insurance program, in need of overhaul, gets two more weeks on life support | Editorial

The National Flood Insurance Program on Monday is expected to get another two-week reprieve, its 12th in two years. This program needs major fixes. For one thing, it shouldn’t pay to rebuild properties that have flooded multiple times.

Mike Hill’s joking around about killing gay people is symptom of GOP decline | Editorial

State Rep. Mike Hill went along with a joke about introducing a bill to put gay people to death, but his actions are a symptom of the Republican Party's decline.

Seminole should reject River Cross ‘settlement’ offer | Editorial

Seminole County commissioners should reject a settlement offer from the River Cross developers and continue to protect the county's rural areas.

In warning about preserving life to preserve culture, Florida finds its own Steve King in Dennis Baxley | Editorial

Florida state Sen. Dennis Baxley, an Ocala Republican, is warning of immigrants replacing American families as part of his argument to halt abortions. His nativist views sound lot like those of Iowa congressman Steve King.

Ayala’s transparency in announcing no re-election bid is too little, too late | Editorial

Aramis Ayala was candid when she explained why she won’t seek reelection as state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties. It’s too bad she wasn’t as honest when she first sought the job.

Gov. DeSantis goes bold on climate change. Even Rick Scott says it’s real. Now what? | Editorial

In appointing Florida’s first Chief Science Officer and advertising for a Chief Resilience Officer, Gov. Ron DeSantis is turning the page on his predecessor’s head-in-the-sand approach to the climate crisis. We applaud his course correction and offer ideas for an even bolder path.

Florida Chamber gives area Democrats failing grades for votes that put people first | Editorial

The Florida Chamber of Commerce's annual report card gives every Central Florida Republican an A and nearly every Democrat an F, reflecting the chamber's bias toward business even at the expense of consumers.

Florida’s annual public records attack: The good, the bad and the ugly | Editorial

An editorial assessment of the Florida Legislature’s annual attack on Florida’s public records laws.

How Orange County’s sales tax vote can avoid an Osceola-like shellacking | Editorial

If Orange County wants voters to approve a sales tax for transportation, it needs to avoid the mistakes made by Osceola County.

The Legislature is to blame for those rising power bills | Editorial

Blame the Florida Legislature for those rising power bills, even though the utility industry is regulated by the Public Service Commission. That’s because the PSC, which rarely serves the public, is an extension of the Legislature, which is controlled by special interests. The utility industry effectively controls the Legislature through its campaign contributions and lobbying. Voters need to hold legislators to account for the PSC’s failure.

Pre-K failures are a sign of the Florida Legislature’s contempt for citizen initiatives | Editorial

The Florida Legislature's been shortchanging the state's pre-kindergarten program for years. At least Ron DeSantis has recognized the problems that's created. Now DeSantis can help save the citizen initiative process that put VPK in the Florida Constitution.