Florida man receives 7-year-old parking ticket: report
(Orlando Sentinel)

A Florida man is angry with the City of Tampa after receiving a parking ticket he apparently was penalized for seven years ago.

Joe Reeser of Tampa payed the $40 fine but now wants answers on whether the penalty was legal, according to a report by WFLA.


Reeser called WFLA’s Shannon Behnken for help in the matter. Behnken found Reeser’s name had been flagged in a new parking system review to identify unpaid tickets.

Reeser said he never received a ticket and that the plate number identified in the ticket doesn’t belong to him anymore.

City officials say they originally sent the citation in 2012 to Reeser’s finance company because the vehicle was a lease.

The city apparently changed from a manual to an automated system around 2012 leaving some old citations forgotten until now.

Reeser says that''s not fair, but the city maintains there is no statue of limitations on parking tickets, WFLA reported.

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