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Florida woman accidentally steps on alligator, gets bitten: report

A Florida woman accidentally stepped on an alligator, causing it to turn around and bite her.

Hurricane Dorian: Sea turtle nests in danger of being washed out

Conservation officials are urging the public not to interfere with Mother Nature by trying to rescue any stranded hatchlings or disturb sea turtle nests unearthed by Hurricane Dorian.

No Florida bear hunt in 2019, but it could happen again in 2020

Florida wildlife officials will not hold a bear hunt in 2019, but the door remains open for one in 2020.

Winter Park reinstates permits for removing trees outside new state exemption for those deemed ‘dangerous’

Winter Park commissioners will require permits for trees that don’t fall under a new state law that allows homeowners to prune, trim or remove a tree that is deemed “dangerous."

Eskamani renews push for all-renewable energy by 2050

Orlando state Rep. Anna Eskamani wants all of Florida’s energy to come from renewable sources by the year 2050.

Nearly 18-foot python caught in Florida Everglades

The latest huge python to be captured in the Florida Everglades was nearly 18 feet long, state wildlife officials said Monday.

Scientists coax imperiled Florida coral to spawn in lab for first time

Florida scientists have pulled off something no one else ever has: They coaxed imperiled Atlantic Ocean coral into spawning in a laboratory, aquarium officials announced Wednesday.

Florida lake disappears overnight: report

For reasons unknown, an entire man-made pond disappeared from a Florida neighborhood this weekend.

Tourism thrives despite shark bite capital of the world title for Volusia County

If Volusia County is the shark bite capital of the world, then how is its tourism industry also rising by huge numbers?

Hidden Pond Preserve latest conservation land in Orange County providing glimpses of Old Florida

Orange County now has 14 sprawling natural areas where various wildlife live and hiking trails are available for use. There is no entrance fee to any of the conservation lands.

Huge brown mass in ocean is separate from sewage spill off Central Florida beach, experts believe

A "massive patch of brown water" that had beachgoers running out of the ocean off the coast of Florida is from another phenomenon, not a recent 1,000-gallon sewage spill, local officials said.

Hurricanes may spin a more aggressive population of spiders, new study shows

Spiders and hurricanes may creep you out, and a recent study may make you shudder even more. The study concluded that aggressive spider colonies survive and reproduce better than docile ones after storms, leading to a potential evolutionary change: More storms could help the aggressive spider species to dominate.

As climate change hits Florida agriculture, farmers look for solutions

The agriculture industry, one of Florida's most politically and economically important forces, has largely stayed quiet in the climate change conversation even as the impacts have begun to take a toll on the bottom line. That is changing fast, as more farmers and ranchers open up about the impacts of a warming world on their crops and livestock — and propose ways they might help fix it.

What temperature do you keep your thermostat on? One company’s recommendation sparks online debate

Energy Star made recommendations for in-home air conditioners, suggesting the best temperature, but the question has raised an online hot vs. cold debate.

Florida alligator doesn’t care about your fence: video

A Jacksonville, Florida resident was driving down a road when they noticed an alligator ready to climb over a fence.

Florida’s iconic palm trees threatened by invasive disease

Florida's iconic palm trees are under attack from a fatal disease that turns them to dried crisps in months, with no chance for recovery once they become ill.

Nine-year-old girl bitten by shark in New Smyrna Beach

A 9-year-old girl was bitten in the leg while wading in knee-deep water in New Smyrna Beach on Friday, according to Volusia County Beach Safety.

As Florida citrus fades, farmers diversify with a store, a maze and new crops

As greening stresses trees and stunts their fruit, some Central Florida citrus farmers are seeking to attract visitors through what’s known as agritourism and planting other crops, measures they hope will keep their businesses afloat.

Florida’s oysters in Apalachicola, Cedar Key face climate threats to survival | Special Report

Fising sea levels, warming waters and more intense storms could conspire to ensure Florida's Apalachicola Bay remains a graveyard for oysters despite costly efforts to resurrect it and put the delicacies back on restaurant tables.

Teen survives after shark bites a chunk out of his surfboard

A 16-year-old was surfing in Hawaii when a large shark bit a chunk out of his surfboard, according to media reports.

A species of deer whose only known habitat is the Florida Keys could be taken off the federal endangered list

The federal government is proposing to strip the Key deer of its endangered species status despite what environmentalists say are continuing threats to the animal due to development in the Florida Keys, its only known habitat.

’Critter Man’ comes to get ball python that scared lawn workers in Orlando, hopes to find its owner

A lawn crew shocked to find more than trimmings while they were working on a Delaney Park's residence. The crew had a ball python in front of the home, according to a Wednesday report by WOFL.

Alabama will let hunters kill sandhill cranes

Sandhill cranes are listed as threatened in Florida, but in Alabama, hunters are now allowed to kill up to three of the long-legged birds because their population has surged there.

Florida farmers gearing up to fight climate change

In Florida, where 26 milllion acres are in agriculture production, farmers have long faced threats from trade agreements, pests and development. Now they've added a new risk to the $140 billion industry: climate change. And they are gearing up for a fight.

Seminole skeptical about plan to chop down trees to make way for solar panels but decision is delayed

JPMorgan Chase holds off on asking Seminole County to remove 88 large oak trees to make way for solar panel canopies. But commissioners are leery of the proposal.

Snake slithers in and pollutes water supply with E. coli

A "common reptile" is to blame for contaminating a well that supplies Delray Beach with water. Residents do not need to boil their water, according to the city.

Sea turtle nests, protected from predators, set record high on Volusia County beaches

Sea turtle nests are on the rise on Volusia County beaches, with the latest numbers showing a record-high in the last seven years, officials said.

Broken valve spilled thousands of gallons of sewage into Satellite Beach: report

Brevard County repair workers got their hands dirty when a valve broke on Sunday and sent thousands of gallons of sewage into Satellite Beach waters, according to media reports.

FPL seeks state approval to slash energy-efficiency goals

Florida consumers could lose out on discounts for investing in energy-efficient appliances and other energy-reduction programs if regulators allow Florida Power & Light and other state utilities to lower conservation goals, critics say. A Florida Public Service Commission hearing starts Aug. 12.

Seas are rising. It rains more. How much of that is making hurricanes worse?

In South Florida, each hurricane season brings renewed dread and a close watch on seasonal forecasts. NOAA just revised its forecast upward, calling for five to nine hurricanes during the current season. There's no debate that sea levels and rainfall are increasing, scientists say. But can that make hurricanes worse?